What If League of Legends Were on Blockchain and even

What If League of Legends Were on Blockchain or Even Had Crypto? What If League of Legends Were on Blockchain or Even Had Crypto? A month back, FTX Exchange partnered with Riot Games, the League of Legends designer and esports tournament organizer.

  • They signed a 7-year contract. The logo of a crypto company will be revealed on among the greatest esports events with over 50 million audiences.
  • If Riot Games chooses to go deeper into blockchain expedition, it would bring significant benefits to the League of Legends including an internal microeconomy, in-game products and character ownership, an NFT marketplace, and even the production of a Riot Games gaming multiverse.
  • The summer was hot! Not only in terms of the weather, however since of the NFT boom that warmed the crypto space. Blockchain gaming studios smelled something yummy roasting and joined the party. Now, we are reaping the benefits: The GameFi market doubled and even tripled its processing powers. That’s why we are seeing new young projects flowering like saplings throughout spring.

    Why Do We Even Presume This?

    A month back, the entire video gaming neighborhood was delighted after the collaboration was announced in between FTX, the sixth greatest cryptocurrency exchange, and Riot Games, the League of Legends designer and esports tournament organizer. Okay, maybe not the entire gaming neighborhood, however the crypto gaming fans were thrilled for sure!

    The collaboration suggests not only will the FTX logo be revealed at the most significant esports occasions, however the genuine cooperation between these 2 companies will start. Of course, we can only dream about some bigger crypto exposure for Riot Games in the crypto area, but the truth stays that it’s important.

    Esports and Crypto: A Possibility for Relationship?

    The most obvious advantage of this partnership is crypto exposure to the masses. For instance, the League of Legends World Championship is one of the world’s most-watched esports occasions. The 2020 championship had almost 50 million viewers on all possible platforms. In contrast, the Overwatch League might hit 1.5 million online occasion visitors.

    So, the crypto video gaming community is waiting for December with much anticipation to see what will occur. However, what if the cooperation goes further? Furthermore, what if Riot Games is eager to develop more partnership with crypto business?

    League of Legends NFT Market: Ownership of Products, Skins, and Champions

    In any case, let’s imagine what can happen if the game adopts some kind of blockchain. The very first two things that enter your mind are, of course, product ownership and an innovative market. The video game universe has Riot Store, where you can grab a brand-new champ. However, if those video gaming characters were transferred into the blockchain, a.k.a. become NFTs, the players would be able to actually own them.

    If you’re wondering, “What do you imply? I own all my characters,” then think of a situation where the game disappears or all the Riot Games servers crash. This is highly not likely, however if it were to take place, you would lose ownership of the gaming characters. The very same chooses in-game products and skins.

    Nevertheless, if Riot Games changed its ownership approach to NFT, we would be able to move our characters to other markets and offer them as art pieces or perhaps shift them into other video games if developers consist of such support.

    A Take a look at the Bigger Scale: “Breeding” and Riot Games Multiverse

    On the other hand, NFTs and the market are not the only features that blockchain can offer. The crypto ledger is much more advantageous on a bigger scale. Let’s dream big: if Riot Games chose to produce a multiverse someday, the products would be able to migrate from video game to video game.

    For example, think of if your tank were offered for transfer from League of Legends to Valorant and after that back. Yes, even changing from 3rd to 1st view without losing the gameplay mechanics of the character is possible with blockchain.

    Another feature of blockchain is the high flexibility of the network, to the level of AI creation of new characters. If you’re a regular reader of DailyCoin, you probably learn about breeding Axies or CryptoPunks. That’s why those characters are special. Furthermore, they are not the function of random AI generation, which is widely utilized in the video gaming industry so far.

    On the one hand, reproducing video gaming characters in MOBA would bring more RPG aspects and press MOBA back from the esports field. On the other hand, it’s a matter of the workframe offered by the developers. Strategic and smart use of blockchain may make the gameplay more fascinating and increase the number of month-to-month gamers.

    On The Flipside

    • If the game is closed down, the NFT characters might be useless. Typically, the prices of NFT depend on the worth of the entire task. On the other hand, there is still a choice to offer them as rare digital art.
    • Any proper use of crypto needs additional education for regular gamers. They need to understand how to deal with crypto wallets, pay deal costs, and secure their funds.
    • Crypto microeconomy execution may result in high deal costs that routine gamers are not used to paying. Moreover, the NFTs might be based on the blockchain, which is widely known for high gas charges.
    • Some games don’t need more features than they have. If designers implement a lot of game mechanics, the finding out curve and entry difficulty level will increase.
    • Blockchain can be too much for the esports side of the video game. Nevertheless, it depends upon the designers and the method they execute this.

    It Ain’t That Simple

    League of Legends is a preferable MOBA game for blockchain implementation than Dota 2, for instance. Accessibility of the internal microtransactions offers a lot of space for crypto microeconomy execution. The same as we have in Decentraland, Axie Infinity, or Sandbox.

    Nevertheless, the microeconomy brings its own deficiencies and restrictions. For instance, deal costs. If Riot Games had selected the most popular method to mint NFTs, on the Ethereum blockchain, the players would struggle with extremely high gas charges. That is, until Vitalik Buterin comes up with the Ethereum 2.0 option, but that’s an entire other conversation.

    However, League of Legends is currently a complex video game with a high entry limit and variable problem curve. Microeconomics with crypto execution may overload the game and move the focus from gameplay, which is absolutely not what designers desire.

    Why You Should Care?

    Although the game industry is incredibly conservative, the implementation of brand-new innovations may have a snowball impact. This occurred to such game functions as the popular open worlds launched by Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry 3 or random generator processing such as in No Guy’s Sky. Blockchain can become a new surprise gem for the video gaming market. And those gaming studios that are the fastest to execute it will get the most.


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