WAX – Worldwide Asset eXchange

Smart contracts that are universally employed would see a change of face with the introduction of 21st century’s latest digital asset exchange platform which would revolutionize the digital gaming industry. WAX or Worldwide Asset Exchange would make all other digital payments presently being used, obsolete by being the most innovative platform for every digital payment applications encompassing more than 1.8 billion in the digital gaming industry.

Built on a decentralized platform extending its reach to all digital gamers spread all over the world Worldwide Asset Exchange or WAX is a virtual utility token which could be used effectively by all those who would join the bandwagon. It would trade in virtual items and also list all selling agents, item transfer agents, affiliates, appraisers, buyers and sellers extending a wide portfolio of uses and items.

WAX would safely transfer digital items between the seller and the buyer determining the appropriate and applicable fees which the market would decide and transferring the exchanged items virtually to the recipients facilitating the transactions.

An innovative brainchild emanating from the very popular OPSkins, whose founders are behind the world’s largest and leading online video game virtual marketplace, WAX is also bound to reap the same success that its parent company has tasted since they took the gaming industry by storm, as WAX is designed to serve more than 400 million existing gaming enthusiasts and growing rapidly that its parent company has tasted since they took the gaming industry by storm, which stand today at a whopping US $ 50 billion.
Many virtual items are being exchanged by gamers but without a proper mechanism in place and that is what WAX is hoping to initiate which would bring trust and a dedicated system that would revolutionize the way transactions are made at present.
The future for the gaming industry is very bright but it needs to be nurtured carefully and effectively so that everyone gets the opportunity to contribute and also participate and reap the benefits it has to offer and that is what WAX intends achieving in the future.
The innovation that WAX is bringing forth to the 1.8 billion gaming enthusiasts around the world would allow them settlement of payments, to raise liquidity, provide security and indulge in various other required possibilities under the WAX umbrella without any adverse issues coming to the fore as it would be within a water tight network.


Generating the innovative WAX token
WAX tokens would be what could be invested in by gaming enthusiasts around the world and with the WAX tokens up for grabs especially to those in the gaming industry, the gamers themselves a generous quantum of 30% is set aside for all of them wherever they may be to join this very lucrative endeavor that is sure to take the gaming industry by storm in the near future.

This amount would help in the building of new technology for the gaming industry and bring about strong partnerships among various groups within the gaming industry, encompassing publishers and most of the users, who would be the ultimate benefactors.

This complete operation would permit those within the fast growing digital gaming to join hands and become a force to reckon with when it is anything that would be concerning the world’s digital gaming industry which is expected to grow in leaps and bounds in the next few years into the future.

The response has been massive and the developers are hoping that t would help everyone without any exception if they join in to become an integrated enthusiast in this rapidly growing industry.

Wax Token sales begin
After the WAX Token sale began on October 18th 2017 and ended on October 23rd 2017 the response has been immense and the sale of 51,000,000 token has been successfully concluded.

Along with this initial release of WAX Tokens the other release wouyld be of another tranche of 30,000,000 WAX Tokens where the issue would be limited to exclusive institutions in the gaming industry and their contribution to this effort is expected as they would be an important and integral part of the whole WAX endeavor.

The sale of this tranche would be at a very attractive price of 429 WAX Tokens for 1 ETH, which would be the digital virtual currency that WAX intends to trade in within their jurisdiction keeping everything transparent and above board.

Another 21,000,000 WAX Tokens would also be released with the price dropping slightly to 300 Tokens for 1 ETH with the minimum contribution to join the worldwide enterprise being fixed at 167 ETH.

All gaming enthusiasts would need to keep the days of the largest sale, which would be limited between October 24th 2017 and November 8th 2017, where they could get their hands on one of the biggest happenings in the worldwide gaming industry which would become the benchmark for all further virtual transfers being executed in the future.
The first week of the WAX Token sale opening gaming enthusiasts would have the opportunity of being exclusively offered a major proportion of what is made available and it would be their prerogative to get their hands on these virtual investments which are sure to rise in value with time.

The future of the Gaming industry
Those in the gaming industry are aware of the unprecedented growth that has been initiated since this very widespread industry was born and it could be envisaged without an iota of doubt that it is expected to grow in mind boggling proportions in the future.
Gaming has been one of the fastest growing industries within the world digital fraternity and is a very lucrative and important enterprise for many.
Like every digital endeavor that has hit the market place the gaming industry is also a billion dollar industry and has great potential for growth and with WAX opening out the doors for all those within this very fast growing industry the sky would be the limit in the next few years.

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