UnikoinGold is designed as a decentralized ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. Making it possible for the exchange and interchange of a virtual point-based reward system. To make legal and licensed betting on esports matches, tournaments and other gaming engagements. It is also an rewards and incentive token for esports participants, players and teams. UnikoinGold will be an entry to a new version of the existing Unikrn spectator betting system, and it will also become the exclusive token used on a new skill-based betting platform. UnikoinGold will power the most immersive live-betting platform for esports. The intention is to: serve as a decentralized proxy of value creating a decentralized, community-driven virtual economy. An economy that will increase in turnover based on the new skill platform, live betting experience and global expansion of the exclusive token betting esports platform. Trading is executed by a system of Ethereum smart contracts which are publicly accessible and there for more open and transparent to the network. Transferring UnikoinGold into bonus Raffle Tickets on our platform will not cost users anything or arbitrarily extract value during the conversion from the crypto-coin into the tickets. UnikoinGold transferred into the site from an external wallet will be subject to the small fees from the Ethereum ecosystem upon a token transfer.

UnikoinGold vs UnikoinSilver

UnikoinGold will be used as cryptocurrency and also launching is the UnikoinSilver that will replace the “Unikoin” in the Unikrn ecosystem. So the users will be able to earn, bet and compete on the site using UnikoinSilver. The coin also has various functionality throughout the site including the ability to acquire raffle tickets to win prizes such as in game skins, pots of UnikoinGold, hardware and yet unlaunched features. UnikoinGold holder benefits:
1. Granted bonus UnikoinSilver when they create a crypto-wallet
2. Granted UnikoinSilver when they bet with UnikoinGold
3. Opportunity to purchase additional raffle tickets for prizes using
their UnikoinGold
4. Opportunity to bet on on the most immersive skill and spectator
esport products, some of which will be exclusive to UnikrnGold


Raffles that will offer UnikoinSilver and UnikoinGold holders a chance to acquire raffle tickets to win prizes suck as in-game items like skins but also gaming hardware and accessories from world-class manufacturers. Raffles have proven to be an extremely popular draw for the Unikrn site, and have made it a sustainable draw of attracting new and also retaining users. The users are continuously incentivized to build up their bank of UnikoinSilver in order to participate in future Raffles. Opportunities to win pots of UnikoinGold is going to add further value and excitement to Raffles, and they will continue to increase in popularity.
Unikrn’s esportsbook offers the widest selection of markets on professional esports matches and tournaments in the world. They are also testing skill-betting products which they will release later this year. UnikoinGold can be used in regulated markets for betting and most markets for skill betting. UnikoinSilver can be used anywhere. UnikoinSilver holders can place token bets on these matches with the potential to win more tokens, based on the betting markets we offer on each match. The beauty of the system is that betting with UnikoinSilver is 100% free and legal, meaning users can place bets with no financial risk, yet still get the thrill of betting on esports to earn prizes of real value.

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