The Next Hot NFT– Interview with Kryptomon creator Umberto

Umberto Canessa InterviewUmberto Canessa Interview

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hot next up and coming NFT video game. Kryptomon peaked our interest earlier this year, and we lastly got a chance to dig deeper and get the insider scoop on this task. Plenty people would have enjoyed to get into tasks like Cryptopunks or Axie Infinity early– and a lot more are now searching for the next huge thing in crypto. Naturally, with more and more NFT jobs popping up every day it can be difficult to divide the cream from the crop– and naturally, everyone has their own viewpoint on what to HODL and what to discard.

We had a look at one such enthusiastic job, and we really liked what we saw– so we had a chat with Umberto Canessa, the founder and CEO of Kryptomon.

What inspired the Kryptomon task?

Umberto: Back in the excellent old days there were 2 main video games that shaped the life of geeky 90’s kids like the majority of us on the Kryptomon team: Pokémon and Tamagotchi; I still keep in mind the very first time my Tamagotchi hatched and asked for food, as well as the time I entered the Pokémon world. Both experiences were merely magic and I was hooked from that minute!

In 2017 a new principle struck the marketplace– “CryptoKitties”. The idea behind it was easy yet genius. Leveraging the Ethereum blockchain and NFTs, CryptoKitties was among the very first extensively recognisable blockchain video games. It develops digital cats, each with its special genetic code that gamers can own, reproduce and train. No two kitties (each attached to an NFT) are identical– even those that exist on the very same platform or in the very same collection. Gamers can be certain that they are the owner of their own digital collectible.

I think you could say that Kryptomon was substantiated of a marriage of these two things; the OG games that we, as 90s kids, all love, and a 2nd love for the genius of and buzz around GameFi (the term to explain the mix of gaming and decentralised financing), NFTs and cryptocurrency.

How is it different to existing crypto-gaming projects, how is it comparable?

Umberto: Kryptomon– believe CryptoKitties fulfills Tamagotchi and Pokémon! We have actually gotten A Great Deal Of terrific interest so far– in reality, we had 100,000 individuals register interest in our task over our nine-day launch period.

Kryptomons are special digital animals, linked to an NFT, each with an unique hereditary code. Instead of being an extremely fancy.gif, Kryptomons are alive, which implies you’ll require to take care of them like you would a living family pet– feed, type and train them to enhance their statistics and make them stronger. Given that every Kryptomon has a distinct hereditary code that determines its physical and behavioural features, if your Kryptomon has a high level of love, that indicates you need to look after and snuggle it more. It isn’t almost owning an NFT, it is about looking after a pet as you would a real one! Each owner of a Kryptomon becomes a ‘Trainer’.

A point of difference is that we are pushing to engage the mainstream gaming market in Kryptomon. We are dealing with a few of the leading gaming designers in the world. Our crypto game works on BSC and with attractive gas fees Kryptomon will be a more enticing choice to the mainstream players, unlike other platforms that charge greater fees for deals.

We’re making lots of steps to much better the user experience. We’ve partnered with the global financial institution, Simplex, in its first ever NFT collaboration, to streamline the process for individuals to enter the Kryptomon world in terms of acquiring an egg and KMON, the currency connected to the Kryptomon world.

Kryptomon eggsKryptomon eggs

© Kryptomon What future course do you see for Kryptomon, where do you desire it to go? Umberto: When I played Pokémon as a kid I really felt like I was living the video game, not simply playing it! I liked getting lost worldwide of pets and fights. Imagine that world constructed around little beasts, all totally various from one another, where you and other Trainers fight one another to end up being the supreme Fitness instructor. I want to recreate that world! Regrettably, animals that spit fire and have waterbending capabilities don’t presently exist … or not that we have actually found!

This is where Kryptomon can be found in, we want to duplicate that world where you can raise and train distinct beasts with the mission to climb in the ranks. A world where Fitness instructors don’t simply battle their beasts, but they bond and grow with them.

As a child I dreamt about playing in a video game like this, now my son will have the ability to live it!

What battles has Kryptomon needed to overcome and what difficulties has it yet to deal with?

Umberto: I believe the greatest struggle we have actually dealt with up until now has to do with trust. The NFT gaming market is rather brand-new and as it is crypto based there are already 2 layers of scepticism about it, prior to anybody even checks out the specifications of the task itself. Unfortunately, a lot of the tasks out there are what we call “pump and dump” projects, developed to quickly increase the worth of a token so the creators can then cash in on it.

Kryptomon is far larger than this. While NFTs and crypto are the tech on which we have actually chosen to base our project on, that does not mean we are just another “pump and dump”. These tech systems enable us to provide our users a greater, more immersive experience– Fitness instructors have ownership of their individual monster as they would a genuine family pet, for instance.

We are investing a lot of effort and time into guaranteeing that our procedures are interacted totally– we are not a “when moon? When lambo?” task– but a genuine company that values its message and neighborhood. I think that showing this will continue to be a battle however one that I understand we can get rid of!

What can users expect from Kryptomon if they get into it?

Umberto: In other words, a world of marvel and magic!– The experience of each user will depend totally on when they sign up with Kryptomon. If someone buys an egg from the secondary marketplace, for example, they can check out the traits of their Kryptomon as they grow inside the egg. Owners of Kryptomon become Trainers and they can watch their Kryptomon creature develop individual traits and genes gradually, which are entirely down to luck!

When the egg hatches, each Fitness instructor will meet their beast and discover what they look like for the first time. The eggs will be offered to hatch at the same time all over the world so Trainers can commemorate the occasion together as part of the Kryptomon neighborhood.

Each Trainer will need to learn what their monster likes and dislikes– similar to a genuine pet! All actions that are needed to care for your digital pet (such as feeding and cuddling etc.) will be complimentary, to make sure that every Kryptomon has a level playing field to establish and grow.

Kryptomons truly do imitate genuine animals– with more training comes more growth and strength, but leave your beast inexperienced for too long and their stats will start to fall back, suggesting you’ll require to begin again in regards to animal advancement and have less of a great chance when it gets to the ‘battle stage’ of Kryptomon.

The ‘battle stage’ of Kryptomon will happen towards the end of this year/ early next year.

Kryptomon AcademyKryptomon Academy

Source: Kryptomon Academy What led you personally into the crypto world, and how have you found your journey in crypto?

Umberto: I signed up with the crypto world back in 2011, prior to it entered into the mainstream and trust me, it was absolutely nothing compared to what we are seeing right now.

As a self-confessed nerd I was enamoured by the concept of crypto, at the time there was just Bitcoin (BTC) on the market which wasn’t truly utilized in video games, nevertheless I was hooked by the concept of cryptocurrencies in basic. As it was a lot easier than the world of crypto than we see nowadays, I can’t state I really saw it as an investment. In truth I am a lot better that I discovered crypto the way I did; although I didn’t truly make any cash off of it, it became an enthusiasm of mine which is something I can inject into tasks like Kryptomon.

There is a lot of discuss Esports, mobile video gaming and virtual reality, however what do you believe lies ahead in the future of crypto video gaming?

Umberto: GameFi has pretty much took off these previous couple of years– and many people have actually heard of the likes of Axie Infinity, Gods Unchained and Splinterlands, though I do believe we’re still ahead of the curve!

There are more than 3bn players on the planet and I believe that a growing number of traditional players are going to get into the world of crypto gaming. The reason why they haven’t yet is most likely because they feel that the crypto world either isn’t relied on enough or isn’t available to them and they do not comprehend it. It’s our mission at Kryptomon to bridge the space between crypto land and mainstream gaming, and make GameFi available to all.

There’s a new world at the fingertips of players, and crypto video gaming and NFTs are going to entirely reinvent gaming as we understand it. More and more people will be involved in ‘Play to Make’ with more gamers being able to earn a living from, and buy, gaming– in addition to having all of the home entertainment and satisfaction that regular video gaming deals.

How is this emerging sector establishing in your own nation? How do your family and friends see it?

Umberto: As of today they don’t see it at all; crypto is still not a mainstream subject, include that to the reality that we’re talking about crypto gaming and you get in a whole new world that people understand even less. I believe a great deal of individuals worldwide do not even know that crypto gaming is!

I believe that video gaming will definitely help blockchain innovation become more widely accepted and comprehended by those beyond the crypto world, as well as those of us who deal with crypto tasks. Even with some of the greatest crypto games out there today, comprehending the steps required to even begin playing the game is a dedication in itself– not everybody has the time or knowledge to invest.

What guidance would you give to players intrigued in however unsure about crypto video gaming?

Umberto: For anybody not sure about crypto gaming and how to get going, I would say do your research. There are a lot of helpful guides and ideas for novices out there. There are some people who like to highlight the negatives of crypto in basic but I believe this is generally down to lack of understanding and avoidance to adopt something new. There are negative undertones to cryptocurrency in basic– recommending that it can be used for money laundering or criminal organisations. But how was cold, hard money utilized?!

Crypto is going to change the world how we are utilized to as time goes on! So I advise you inform yourself as much as you can– and look at the best influencers and media outlets in the cryptocurrency and crypto video gaming world to come to a reasonable and balanced conclusion for yourself.

If you are still uncertain then do not hesitate to connect to us! I can’t promote everyone but I understand that at Kryptomon we are here to assist, as are our neighborhood. You can reach us and our fantastic community on Twitter, Telegram and Discord! Our Kryptomon neighborhood resembles one huge, pleased family, and we are constantly here to help.

That’s what Umberto Canessa told us about his views on crypto and of course, Kryptomon. You can find out more about the project by taking a look at the main Kryptomon page. As with any type of investment, crypto and NFT financial investments carry threats– constantly DYOR and invest responsibly.