Skrilla Esports

Skrilla is expected to take Esports into a whole new level with Blockchain technology. As a result, it has received much attention in the recent past. If you are interested to get additional information about Skrilla Token, feel free to continue reading.

What exactly is Skrilla?

Skrilla can simply be defined as a fully controlled and a licensed international esports wagering platform. Two of the leading companies in tech industry, GAMURS Group and Puntaa have collaborated together to come up with this platform. Esports media network is led by GAMURS Group, whereas Punta is recognized as the first ever P2P social betting platform creator. Hence, we can believe that Skrilla would contribute towards the volatile growth prediction in Esports.

What has made Skrilla so popular?

Skrilla has also been able to create a perfect platform for fan betting. Combination of marquee sponsors, scaling and professional event organization, passionate fan base and live media coverage have contributed towards the above mentioned fact. This provides an excellent opportunity for all the esports wagering providers out there. More than 19 million Esports players would start betting by 2020 and they would contribute towards amazing earnings of up to $23 billion. Hence, a gap would be created by the standard betting companies, which fail to cater for the demand. This gap will be filled by Skrilla.

From the recent studies, it has been identified that corporate bookmakers are not capable of blending with the esports community. That’s mainly because the corporate bookmakers tend to consider esports wagering as a subset of their existing sports wagering. This imposes a restriction on esports wagering. The esports community has grown significantly throughout the recent past and the expectations of esports betters have increased along with that. Therefore, it is important to treat them with a standalone esports wagering offering. That’s where Skrilla comes into play.

Skrilla has taken necessary steps in order to launch a Daily Fantasy eSports platform. This provides opportunity for all fans to monetize the knowledge that they have with esports and engage with it in a better way. This eSports platform is filled with online contests. All the members will be able to create fictional teams by including professional players in the real world. Whenever there is a match in one of the major tournaments, members will be able to experience a live stream of it. It can help them evaluate how the players in fantasy team are performing in real world. In fact, members would be provided with the opportunity to take part in the tournament games in a deeper level.

What features are offered by Skrilla?

Daily Fantasy eSports platform can be considered as the most prominent feature that you can see in Skrilla. A fixed budget is allocated for all members and they will have to create a fantasy team with it. Primary objective of this is to score the maximum number of points. Hence, it is important to have a clear understanding about how the future performances of players would be like, before purchasing them.

All matches can be witnessed in real time. As soon as the final match finishes, members who have the best performing players will be able to come to the top of the prize pool because of points obtained. This concept has taken esports wagering into a whole new level.

Skrilla members are also provided with the opportunity to go ahead and become bookmakers on their own. Then they will be able to create and accept bets or exchange them with other members in the community. Skrilla tokens can be considered as the main payment method used within Skrilla. It facilitates the use of integrated Blockchain as well.

About Skrilla Tokens

Skrilla has got an ERC20 token. These tokens are based upon Ethereum Blockchain. You will have to make payments with Skrilla tokens in order to get into contests, make bets and win rewards. In fact, it can be considered as the only currency that you can find within Skrilla platform. When Skrilla is developing along with time, Skrilla tokens would become the primary exchange unit.

In future, Skrilla tokens will also be allocated to a Growth Pool. As a result, they would function as wok tokens. This can deliver enhanced liquidity into the entire network. In addition, it can create new user incentives, which can benefit the entire network.

Final Words

As per what we can see now, Skrilla is capable of taking eSports wagering into a whole new level. Since it is powered up by Blockchain technology, people will be able to extract a variety of underlying benefits as well. Hence, we can expect the popularity of Skrilla to increase in the future.

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