Delivering an ultimate game streaming experience for PC Gamers

From the recent studies, it has been identified that a large number of PC gamers don’t have the ability to play the latest games on their computers. Unfortunately, they are not capable of spending a fortune to buy high end gaming PCs as well. PlayKey has provided the best solution for such PC gamers.

What exactly is PlayKey?

PlayKey can simply be defined as a PC game streaming service. Any person who is interested in playing high end PC games can think about obtaining PlayKey subscription. The service offered by PlayKey is pretty much similar to Nvidia GeForce Now. However, PlayKey is a better option than that because you will be able to gain access to a variety of additional games.

How does PlayKey work?

The concept behind PlayKey is simple and easy to understand. To get the service offered by it, you will have to go ahead and sign up for an account. Once you sign up, you will be asked to download a software. This software can be used to stream the games that you are interested in playing from a server. Many different server locations around the world are provided by PlayKey and the optimal one based on your location would be selected automatically.

The best thing about PlayKey is that you will not be asked to download the game into your personal computer. Game will run on the remote server, which has all the high end specifications to run it. It would only provide a stream to you and you will be able to play the game. This can be considered as an impressive service because you will be able to play any game that you can think of, out of your own personal computer. The video stream provided to you by PlayKey delivers 60 frames per second. Therefore, you will not be able to experience any difference in terms of the experience provided by PlayKey.

How effective is PlayKey?

The overall effectiveness of PlayKey is based on the performance of servers. The Nvidia Grid powered servers, which are responsible for delivering such a high level of performance to the players are located in many different cities around the world, including Moscow, Amsterdam, London and Frankfurt. More than 100 such servers can be found in the world. Hence, people don’t need to keep any doubts in their minds about the level of performance delivered by PlayKey. More than one million gamers tend to play their favorite computer games via these servers every single month. The servers have the ability to handle such a capacity as well.

PlayKey is a result of four years hard work. A team of computer professionals have been working hard for the past four years in order to make this gaming technology a reality. It has not been released and PC gamers who live in any part of the world can go ahead and enjoy the benefits that are delivered to them. However, further studies are being conducted in order to make the PlayKey gaming platform a better one in the future. As a result, they are looking forward to introduce a P2P feature. This P2P feature would provide opportunity for all the video card owners to engage with crypto currency mining. On the other hand, all PC gamers will be able to play the favorite games with just any internet connection.

Final Words

PlayKey can be considered as the future of PC gaming. It has impressed PC gamers who live out there in the world. Thousands of PC gamers who get to know about this amazing platform go ahead and obtain the subscription. With the help of PlayKey, they will not have to spend thousands of dollars on building PC gaming rigs, which would go out of technology in few hours. The existing PC can be used to play the latest PC games, which demand high end performances with the help of PlayKey. In fact, this method of gaming is 10 times cheaper when compared to the cost that you will have to bear in order to develop a gaming PC on your own.

We live in a world where we are blessed with high speed internet connections. Therefore, we don’t need to spend our money unnecessarily to build gaming PCs. PlayKey can deliver the same experience to us. Therefore, any person who is interested in playing the latest high end games on PC can go ahead and obtain a subscription from PlayKey.


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