Blockchain games based on Ethereum have received much attention in today’s world. Out of them, Neverdie holds a prominent place. This game has the ability to help you take the best out of virtual tokens in order to perform a variety of tasks.

What exactly is Neverdie?
Neverdie is a project based on Blockchain and it has got a bright future ahead of it. The primary objective of Neverdie has been to create a gaming platform based on Ethereum. In order to get one step closer to that objective, the Neverdie ICO was launched recently. With the help of Neverdie ICO, this platform is looking forward to evolve into an API, which can result in a monetized gaming infrastructure. Hence, it has got the potential needed to become a virtual economy of goods.

Neverdie tokens are a centralized part of the economy. It is possible for you to go ahead and trade cryptocurrencies with Neverdie tokens. Or else, it is possible for you to take part in competitions and win Neverdie out of them. A large number of in-game tasks are also available for you to take part and win.
One of the most prominent aspects of Neverdie is that it encourages developers to go ahead and create mobile, AR and VR apps. The core of all these apps would be Neverdie tokens. Up to now, three such games have been developed. They include Asgard VR, Rocktropia and AmeVRica.

Features of Neverdie
Before you start investing on Neverdie, it is important for you to have a clear understanding about the features associated with it. Now you are provided with the opportunity to purchase Neverdie Coins and use them for many different activities. The Neverdie wallet is currently available in Alpha Form. This wallet is compatible with Mist, Parity and MetaMask browsers.
Once you download Neverdie wallet, you will be able to take part in many different activities. Voting holds a prominent place out of them. In here, you will be able to vote in elections and proposals with the assistance of Neverdie Coins. On the other hand, you are provided with the ability to exchange Neverdie coins along with the other cryptocurrencies available.

If possible, you can even go ahead and launch a VR business with the help of Neverdie Coins. The potential associated with these coins can provide an excellent assistance when you are taking your business initiatives to the next level. When you purchase Neverdie tokens, you will be supporting the development of DApps and new worlds. Or else, you can go ahead and create jobs to make revenues.

Last but not least, you need to keep in mind that Neverdie coins can help you to play games. As mentioned earlier, three games are available as of now and you can use coins to play these games. New games are currently being developed and the options available to you would increase in the near future.

Neverdie Wallet
You can control Neverdie Coins via your Neverdie wallet. It can provide you with the opportunity to send and receive coins as per your preferences. It is compatible with three different browsers including Mist, parity and MetaMask. With the help of Neverdie wallet, you will be provided with the ability to unlock many different items, including monetized gaming tokens and attributes.
The Neverdie Wallet has been integrated along with Twitch as well. This can provide you with the chance to exchange Neverdie coins along with ERC 20 tokens. You can exchange on your own or exchange along with other streams found in the wallet.

Final Words
Neverdie can be considered as a unique concept. It certainly has a bright future ahead. You can also go ahead and join Neverdie by purchasing Neverdie coins. People who purchase Teleport Tokens will also be able to sign up with Neverdie ICO. The coins you purchase can be used to take part in the games at Neverdie Studio. In addition, you can spend them for many different purposes within the Neverdie ecosystem. The platform is evolving and you can expect to receive many impressive features such as in game reward systems and eSports tournaments in the future.

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