• People are spending an ever-increasing amount of money on virtual goods. This trend is only likely to continue to grow, so if you wish to get in on it – now is your perfect chance. Today we will share with you a […]

  • The gaming industry is growing to be very big. In fact, it’s estimated that it generates over $100 billion in revenues each year for the past few consecutive years. So, if you have a passion for playing games or f […]

  • One of the companies that have recently entered the eSports market with an intention to change things up is Gimli. This company offers a lot of new and exciting features to the gamers, the streamers, the bettors, […]

  • The world of betting is woefully underused. In fact, it’s estimated that the potential of the business of betting runs in trillions of dollars on a yearly basis. And the bad thing is that most of the revenues in t […]

  • If you wish to play some of your favorite games to be found on the eSports scene, then you can do so with the help of the LEAP platform. Founded by the best player in the game of DOTA at age 16, it promises to be […]

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    Gilgam is one of the latest entries in the field of eSports. This is not a game – but a platform that will offer various services to players and eSports aficionados alike. There are several aspects that make t […]

  • One of the best things about the internet is that practically every day we manage to find a new use for it. And one of the fields with a tremendous potential for growth is the eSports field. This means that more […]

  • As you may be well aware, the online market of eSports is experiencing somewhat of an explosion nowadays, with many people coming into the scene, willing to spend their hard-earned money. This means that there is […]

  • Many people become aware of the immense potential of the world of eSports. What was once considered a casual hobby – namely gaming – now has the potential to get developed into a full-blown career. Well, as we’ […]

  • EsportGold has been established with a specific purpose to serve as a betting operator and content aggregator for eSports. With the help of EsportGold platform the fragmented market of eSports is aggregated […]

  • The game industry was lacking an open eco-system, which is not linked with any commissions or fraud. GameMachine has taken necessary steps in order to fill that gap. In fact, it would connect cryptocurrency along […]

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  • EtherSportz is an eSports tournament platform that is based on Ethereum. It can be used when playing some of the most popular multiplayer games such as Counter Strike Global Offensive, StarCraft II, League of […]

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    DreamTeam can be considered as the first ever gaming and eSports recruitment management network. The Esports community is growing along with time and this was a feature lacking in it. However, DreamTeam has been […]

  • Skrilla is expected to take Esports into a whole new level with Blockchain technology. As a result, it has received much attention in the recent past. If you are interested to get additional information about […]

  • Delivering an ultimate game streaming experience for PC Gamers

    From the recent studies, it has been identified that a large number of PC gamers don’t have the ability to play the latest games on their c […]

  • Smart contracts that are universally employed would see a change of face with the introduction of 21st century’s latest digital asset exchange platform which would revolutionize the digital gaming industry. WAX o […]

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