LEAP eSports

If you wish to play some of your favorite games to be found on the eSports scene, then you can do so with the help of the LEAP platform. Founded by the best player in the game of DOTA at age 16, it promises to be a great new company that will shake the very foundations of the eSports scene. In fact, the primary goal of this company is to become much like what FIFA is for the world of football – a premiere organization that will guide the eSports field to growth and expansion.

As things stand, the current playground is woefully underused and underutilized. LEAP targets the goal that one day eSports will be on level with the other physical sports. In fact, it speculates that the eSports field as a huge potential to top off the combined success of all other physical sports.

So, one of the ways in which LEAP will help you if you’re a gamer is by enabling you to communicate with other gamers. We’re talking specifically about the building up of the coach-student relationship within the eSports sector. So, if you have high skills in a particular eSports game and if you want to share your knowledge with some of the novice players, then you could do so at LEAP. Likewise, if you’re a novice player and you wish to learn more about how to play your favorite eSports games – then you too can use LEAP for this purpose. The best thing about all this is that there will be monetary benefits for the coaches to give their services to players eager to learn. So, the players will be able to use the tokens (more on this later) in order to pay the coaches and learn from them. This drastically increases the incentives for skilled players to share their knowledge with the people that wish to learn – and this will undoubtedly result in the dramatic improvement of the base skill level of all of the players of a particular game combined.

If you wish to enjoy the benefits from the entry into the LEAP mini-economy, then you could do so by purchasing tokens. The tokens are the single currency that you will be able to use for the purpose of purchasing and selling stuff on the LEAP platform. There is a pre-sale now, which means that you can still buy some tokens for a cheaper than usual price. After all of the tokens are bought off – there will be no new emissions of tokens, and you will have to get the tokens in some other ways. Don’t worry, because you will have ample opportunities to do so – by playing and winning games, by giving lessons to newer players, and so on.

The payment methods utilize the latest advances in the field of the blockchain technology, which in turn give you a level playground when it comes to depositing and withdrawing money. All of the transactions will be fully transparent and there will be no chance of suspicious activities happening on the website. As you may know, this plagues a big part of the eSports gaming scene as most of the organizations and platforms function on the basis of the principle of centralization, which is no-way near perfected. So, LEAP will use the decentralized principle for the purpose of enabling people to fund their own tournaments and to use the blockchain technology and prevent hacking of any kind.

Likewise, one of the biggest problems in the field of eSports is the lack of a clear-cut road to becoming a pro. If you think about other sports and their setup, you will realize that they indeed offer a clear road for players to become professionals. Well, LEAP will strive to enable the talented people that wish to become eSports professionals to do so with relative ease. Of course, in the end, it will be all up to you – and the skill and the dedication you’re willing to invest in the field of eSports and gaming.

You can also use the LEAP token in order to sponsor your favorite players. After all, one of the greatest incentives for people to offer entertainment value to other people is money. And now you will be able to pay professionals and amateurs alike to play your favorite games on the LEAP platform.

LEAP strives to put an end to the tyranny and despotism of the eSports elite. As you know, the main eSports events are all taken by the elite in the field. This means that there is no room for the highly-skilled but non-professional gamers to play and compete on some of these events. Well, the decentralized principle of operation will help the organizing of tournaments that will be hosted by people that wish for even novice players to have their shot at playing and competing for money. This approach will definitely revolutionize the whole approach to eSports gaming, and it will undoubtedly draw a lot of attention from the up-and-coming gamers of the world. The best thing about eSports will be the fact that you can enter and compete in them no matter who you are or where you come from – provided that you have a computer and access to the internet. You will need only these things, as well as skills in a particular game, in order to compete on some of the biggest eSports events on LEAP.

So, we advise you to use the opportunity as soon as possible, while it lasts, and to buy LEAP tokens which you could later on use for various purposes, including supporting your favorite players and teams and organizing tournaments. LEAP promises to become one of the greatest online eSports platforms in the world, and it’s just warming up. If you’re a fan of eSports or of gaming in general, then we think that it would be a great thing for you to do to register an account on this website and see for yourself what it’s all about.

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