When it comes to the online betting industry, it seems to have gone stale for a number of years with a lack of innovation, odds designed for the bookmaker, and increased fees. What’s more, people who seem to win the most are banned and this creates distrust within the industry between consumers and providers. Now, we could have a solution because HERO has decided to address these challenges and create a fair platform for all once again.

The HERO Ecosystem – Combining game creators and players, HeroCoin is one for the whole community because a general reward of all games played will make its way to every HERO token holder. Since there’s an option to create or join games, those who choose to create will also be rewarded as a provider. In this ecosystem, everybody seems to benefit;

Players – Each game winner will receive a section of the prize pool

Creators – Each creator is given a prize for their effort in managing a game

Token Holders – General rewards make their way to all token holders

Since there’s no middleman and the site is completely independent, it offers full transparency with no mysterious hands coming to take money from the pot. Aiming to ‘revolutionize online betting’, HEROcoin now has over 220,000 users and this number is only growing.

The Future – Currently, the cryptocurrency can be found under two names; HEROcoin or just HERO and the ICO has been scheduled for September 14th. Thought to be around 14:00 UTC, the developers, located in Vienna, will actually make 600 million tokens available for sale from their supply of two billion. In the weeks and months ahead, HERO wants to remove the unfair centralized system and allow anyone to get involved with games on the Ethereum blockchain. By decentralizing the whole process, the existing paradigm of ‘the house always wins’ can be removed and online betting can be enjoyed by all parties.

Why is it Different? – For those well-versed with this niche, you might be wondering how it differs to other options available on the market and this would be a very good question. As we saw earlier, HERO is looking to become the first service that offers a mutually-beneficial relationship between creators, players, and token holders. Once ‘HEROsphere’, the dedicated website, launches in February 2018, all involved will have the ability to predict certain results at popular eSports events. After these are compared with other members of the community, users can win prizes and real money.

The Company – So who’s behind this idea? Located in Vienna, Austria, the makers of this project are called ‘Byte Heroes GmBH’ and there are three co-founders who are now set for a busy few months; Philip Peinsold, Paul Polterauer, and Bernhard Blaha. Although the project was launched back in the autumn of 2016, the idea actually spans back to 2014 and we know this because this is when the website domain was first purchased by the three co-founders.

As we reach spring of 2018, the team want to have the first implementation available before the final quarter welcomes a complete implementation of the idea. Currently, there’s no reason why there won’t be interest in this ‘everyone’s a winner’ idea and it’ll be exciting to see just how popular it becomes. With around 30% of the tokens being made available on September 14th, we only have a short wait to find out!

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