Gimli eSports

One of the companies that have recently entered the eSports market with an intention to change things up is Gimli. This company offers a lot of new and exciting features to the gamers, the streamers, the bettors, and the tournament organizers – all at the same time. This means that there is practically something for everybody – and no matter who you are, if you have the slightest interest in gaming and eSports – you should definitely check out Gimli and make an account there.

The Gimli platform will have its own private economy, so to speak, and the currency that will be used by the people that use the website is the so-called Gimli Token, or GIM in short. You can use this token in various different ways on the website. There’s a limited number of tokens that will be put in use by the website’s owners – and the tokens themselves can be traded, exchanged, used for purchasing stuff, and used for betting – but they can never be created. The GIM tokens are created with the help of the so-called blockchain technology which uses the latest innovations in the field of cryptocurrencies. If you use the Gimli Tokens you will no longer have to worry at all about someone spying on your transactions, as this technology is fully encrypted and safe.

Now, you will also be able to use the Gimli platform for online betting. There are likely some of you that have thought of the prospect of what it would be like to bet on eSports events. Well, Gimli brings this to the table as well, and you will be able to use the official currency of the website, GIM, for the purpose of betting on your favorite players. This, in turn, means that you will even be able to make some money at Gimli while you’re having fun watching professionals play some of the best eSports games. The Gimli staff vouches to respect the jurisdictions of each and every country where this platform will get available – so you won’t have to worry at all about whether anything you could do on this website might be deemed illegal by the authorities.

Now, the fact of the matter is that the potential of the eSports market is underused – we mentioned this in the introduction. It’s estimated that for every 3 dollars that are invested and spent on eSports by people, there are 50 dollars that are invested and spent on the most popular sports in existence. And Gimli strives to bring the eSports market up to its rightful place, on par with the other popular sports. Streamers that use the services of streaming platforms such as Twitch have their own issues with people using AdBlock – and this drastically cuts their potential revenues that they can make while streaming. The ads are known as very pesky things that nobody likes to watch. Well, at Gimli, you will be given the opportunity to make direct donations to your favorite players that use the platform, all with the help of the GIM Token. Moreover, here you won’t find any middlemen whatsoever that you would want to grab a piece of the pay. What you decide to donate – this is the exact amount that the target of your donation will receive.

And you can be sure that there will be a lot of tournaments that will get organized on this website. The fact of the matter is that the funding for most of the big eSports events is highly centralized. Well, the first thing that makes Gimli a unique platform is the fact that it’s a decentralized platform. This means that those of you that wish to organize tournaments can get funds for the purpose with the help of this website. And this, in turn, means that you will be able to create a lot of independent, high-profile tournaments where gamers from all around the world can play. The current scene only allows for the crème de la crème of the professional eSports community to play in the top-level eSports tournaments. This leaves the casual players with nothing. Well, Gimli strives to change this thing and organize tournaments where even the casual player could try out his luck and compete to win big prizes. Not to forget that people can gamble and bet on these tournaments and be able to win a lot of money.

Also, this website will offer streaming opportunities for the streamers among you. So, if you find that you’re very passionate about gaming a particular game, and if you think that you can serve your passion as an entertaining package to eSports and gaming enthusiasts from all over the world – then you’re welcome to try and use the streaming services of Gimli. Again, there are many unique ways in which you can directly monetize your passion for gaming with the help of Gimli, and the option to stream yourself directly to the rest of the world, while you’re playing your favorite games – is one of the best of these ways.

You can find information on the team behind this enterprise on the website itself. The whole team strives to revolutionize the entire field of eSports and online gaming, and they will settle for nothing less along the way. So, you too can include your effort into this enterprise by enjoying yourself on this website. Regardless if you wish to game, stream, or just bet on your favorite players – we think that you will do a smart thing if you visit this website. It has everything that it needs in order to keep your attention for a long, long time.

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