Gilgam is one of the latest entries in the field of eSports. This is not a game – but a platform that will offer various services to players and eSports aficionados alike. There are several aspects that make this website unique and that make it worthy of consideration if you have any such propensities towards eSports.

The first one of these aspects will be the prevention of cheating. One of the worst maladies that plague the world of eSports is that of cheating. There are two main forms of cheating – the first is financial cheating and loss of money in illegal ways, and the second is through in-game cheating, which enables players to win games with the help of cheats. Well, you won’t have to worry about any of this because of the fact that the platform is made on solid principles that promise to ban cheating forever. You will be able to feel safe in knowing that your money will be safe and that nobody is going to cheat on you in the eSports games that you will play.

However, if you suspect at one time or another that your opponent in a game was cheating – or if anything else was a bit off during the game – then you will have the option to veto the result. The veto gives you a chance to delay the entry of the match into official statistics until the moment a sanctioning body checks the match. If this body finds that there was indeed cheating, then your request will be granted and the match will be nullified. If not – then the match will be registered in the official statistics on the website. However, this might seem like it enables filibusters – which means that there will be people that use the veto just so they can postpone the entry into statistics and make a mess out of things. But there is a mechanism set in place against this and it comes in the form of a monetary investment. You will have to put some money where your mouth is if you’re going to put a veto on a match result – if you win the decision, then your money will be returned to you. But if you lose, then you will lose the money.

You will even be able to make some money at Gilgam. If you think that you’re a proficient gamer, then it’s time to yet again put the money where your mouth is. The current state of affairs is that the main eSports events are all “taken” by the best few teams of gaming professionals in the world. Unless you’re planning to dedicate 16 hours a day to playing video games – you won’t be able to reach this elite level and the main eSports events will not be available to you to play on them. Well, Gilgam offers an exciting new possibility for players that wish to play for money.

The first thing that you will need to do is to purchase some GGS Tokens. The GGS token is the official currency that will be used by the website of Gilgam. Then, you will have to put some money into a well-picked game – game in which you believe that you will win. All of the players that will play at this game will need to put in their fair share of money, and out of the money of all of the players, there will be a pot. This pot will be won by whoever wins the particular game. This is just an isolated case – there will be dozens, if not hundreds of games played on a daily basis by players that wish to play for money. The eSports scene has never been so accessible to everyone that wishes to test their skill and mettle in the online eSports arenas.

And there are various games that you can play on this website – you will be able to find some of the most popular among them here. Games such as DOTA2, League of Legends, Counter Strike: Global Offense, Call of Duty are all available to play. Every single game will be supervised by the artificial intelligence of Gilgam, so you will be sure that there is no cheating whatsoever.

All of the payments that you will make and receive at the website are regulated with the so-called blockchain technology. This is the most advanced technology when it comes to transparency and efficiency in online payments, so, again, this is yet another thing that will help you feel certain that you won’t be scammed out of your money.

The crowdfund phase was active until not long ago, and people bought off more than 700.000 GGS. This means that you can no longer buy GGS Tokens through the pre-sale and that you will have to get them in some other way. By playing at this website and winning games you will be able to attain GGS tokens easily.

The tokens can also be used for the purpose of organizing tournaments, which is likely to attract a lot of new attention to the eSports scene. As we know the principle of tournament organization is centralized, but with the help of the various eSports platforms that spring up nowadays this is about to change, and there will be a decentralized organization. This means that most anyone can organize and host their own tournament – with the help of the GGS tokens you will be able to do exactly this on the Gilgam website.

Finally, the plan of the officials at Gilgam is to create a betting platform as well. One day, hopefully, you will be able to use your tokens to bet on your favorite players and teams on your favorite games and potentially win money. But for now, you will be able to enjoy having fun with the eSports scene while watching tournaments where expert players and novices alike play. We hope that you will have a lot of fun while using the services of the website of Gilgam.

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