The game industry was lacking an open eco-system, which is not linked with any commissions or fraud. GameMachine has taken necessary steps in order to fill that gap. In fact, it would connect cryptocurrency along with the game industry.

What exactly is GameMachine?
GameMachine can simply be defined as a block-chain based ecosystem, which has the ability to cater most of the needs that exist within the gaming industry. This platform has specifically been designed for the use of developers and gamers, who are looking forward to reap all the benefits associated with game industry.
Presale of GameMachine tokens started on 21st of November. However, the crowd sale launch would take place on 14th of November. Beta version of GameMachine is in a position to support two of the most popular games that exist out there in the world, including DOTA 2 and CS GO. It has been able to attract more than 1,000 members within a short time period as well.

Functionality of GameMachine
Before you deep dive into GameMachine, it is important to have a basic understanding about the functionality associated with it. GMT currency in GameMachine is developed via a Limited Proof of Work algorithm. Functionality of GameMachine is divided into three main components.

GameMachine Blockchain – The GameMachine blockchain is based on proof of authority and Limited Proof of Work. This blockchain has the ability to offer its support to smart contracts as well as decentralized autonomous organizations. One of the most impressive features that you can find in the GameMachine blockchain is its genuine reward algorithm for rewards, low transaction fees and maximum usage of decentralized principles.
Gateway – The unique gateway of GameMachine can be considered as the first product of the company. It is the payment gateway, which will be used for all in game items. At the moment, the platform offers its compatibility to more than 75 different games. This gateway has the ability to connect active cryptocurrencies with real games.

Client – Clients of GameMachine come from both mobile app as well as the desktop software. Out of them, the desktop application can be considered as a full node one, which provides compatibility to the blockchain. It can work as a miner as well. On the other hand, the mobile network is linked with advertising networks and the wallet.
On the other hand, you will be able to discover three key levels within the ecosystem of GameMachine. They include Ads machine, Rise machine and Exchange machine. Out of these options, the Exchange Machine offers a single exchange for all compatible cryptocurrencies. Developers are being provided with the ability to release games of their own to the games as well. Secondly, the Rise machine offers a library of exclusive mobile and PC games. In the Ads machine, you will be able to discover third party applications.
It is possible to gain access to all these layers in GameMachine ecosystem via the Open API. Apart from releasing games, GameMachine offers many other functionalities such as hackathons, research, educational events and tournaments.

How to use GameMachine
As mentioned earlier, the beta version of GameMachine is compatible with DOTA 2 and CS GO. In the near future, it would offer compatibility to two additional games, including World of Warships and World of Tanks. It’s extremely easy for you to go ahead and use GameMachine. First of all, you will need to download GameMachine and sign up with it. Then you will have to obtain coins needed for the games via mining. This can be done by installing a small application on your computer. This application would run idle on your computer and use processing power of your machine to mine coins. Next, you are provided with the ability to exchange the coins you have to get your favorite games.

Final Words
As you can see, GameMachine is a unique platform, which has the ability to benefit gamers, developers as well as advertisers. Gamers will be able to earn cryptocurrencies for the games that they play. Gamers are also provided with the ability to become co-owners of the game that they play. On the other hand, developing will be able to monetize audience without placing any advertisements on games. Developers are also provided with the ability to access a perfect audience, which is not associated with any fraud. Last but not least, the advertisers can be benefited by GameMachine because they are provided with the chance to gain access to a motivated audience. They can use demographic data for targeting as well.

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