FirstBlood is an eSports program that is decentralized and runs on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). This is a program that is more efficient at allowing players to practice their game and betting skills. It is untraditional in the way that money transfers are seamless, and do not require additional fees or a middleman company.

With FirstBlood, a user can bet on eSports games. First, the user will select the game they desire to play, along with how much they want to bet on the game. Whatever amount they choose to bet is held by the FirstBlood smart contract system. The smart contract system is a computer code used to exchange anything of value: the money, or item, used to bet on the game. This computer-based system automatically releases the funds once the conditions of the contract are met. It is run exactly as programmed which eliminates the chance of fraud, downtime, or third-party involvement.

Once a match is finished, the witnesses – two individuals randomly chosen – of the match will examine the results, and then inform the smart contract system of the results. If the witnesses agree to the same results that are given to the smart contract system, the system will release the funds to the winner, and pay a fee to the witnesses. If the witnesses are not on the same page with the results sent in to the smart contract system, the Jury Voting Pool (JVP) will take a look at the results and vote. Those selected as jurors are also rewarded for their service. However, if a juror votes against the majority of the rest, they may be penalized.

Users who play in matches gain reputations based on their results. As a player continues to advance throughout FirstBlood they will eventually rank high enough to become a mentor to those players who are still ranking low, or do not have as much experience. A highly experienced player will never be matched with a player with little experience. Matches are always made with players who hold similar ranks and skills.

FirstBlood tokens are called “1ST.” 1ST tokens, or just 1ST, is the currency used in FirstBlood. It is converted into various common currencies of the countries represented by users. However, to keep it simple, the currency for the eSports program is simply 1ST. The user must purchase 1ST, and have access to 1ST to be eligible to play in matches, be a witness, or be a juror. Due to the cap in 1ST being met, FirstBlood will only host campaigns at certain times where the chance of purchasing 1ST will be allotted, but only for a short period of time. Once the cap is reached again, the purchasing opportunity is over.

If you are seeking to participate in eSports games that allow you to play in a match and bet on the game, without the hassle of going through a third party and paying additional fees, all while using a platform that decreases the chance of hacking taking place, FirstBlood may be the decentralized program for you.

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