Esports Crypto Betting

Esports have managed to grow quite a lot in recent years, and they gathered a massive following. But that also means you need to find the right currency to bet with. There are plenty of ups and downs that come from using fiat currencies for betting, so it might be a good idea to check out esports cryptocurrency betting. Cryptocurrencies are bringing in a great idea for betting, because they can increase in value, not to mention you can win big very quickly.

What are the benefits of esports cryptocurrency betting?

The main advantage of esports cryptocurrency betting is definitely its ease of use. You can bet as much as you want, even in the lowest possible increments. Then you use your knowledge to ensure that you make a winning bet, and the betting website will deposit the crypto you won in your account. You can withdraw whenever you want, so it really brings in front an amazing experience and a lot of value, exactly what you would need in a situation like this.

Moreover, esports cryptocurrency betting is versatile, you can use it for a vast range of esports too. And since bitcoin has a very good encryption system, it’s impossible for hackers to tamper with it. Add to that the fact that you can have great transparency and a history of what you bet on. So yes, betting on bitcoin can be a very good idea, especially if you’re new and you don’t really know what website is the right option for your esports betting.

What cryptocurrencies can you use for esports cryptocurrency betting?

Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency you can use, and it’s widely supported by most betting websites with crypto support. On top of that, Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin are also very common to see on these websites. It’s important to check what supported currencies are on the betting website you want to use. This way you can prevent any problems.

Which are some of the most popular esports cryptocurrency betting websites?

  • Luckbox is a great website because not only does it offer fair chances, it supports pretty much every esport, and that makes it incredibly powerful and dependable.
  • doesn’t only cover esports, but it does have a great esport section and it does allow you to use crypto if you want.
  • ArcaneBet is also a great option because it’s dependable, reliable and it certainly gets the job done more than you might imagine. Their attention to detail and quality is exemplary, and you do get fair chances too.
  • Pinnacle delivers great odds and it has low margins, which are beneficial for players.
  • allows you to bet up to 100 BTC, and it does support a lot of different payment options.
  • is great if you expect full anonymity and mutual betting. There aren’t many bonuses however.


It’s easy to see that esports cryptocurrency betting continues to grow and expand, and you will find it versatile and a pleasure to use. Plus, betting with cryptocurrencies can help you increase your crypto