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One of the best things about the internet is that practically every day we manage to find a new use for it. And one of the fields with a tremendous potential for growth is the eSports field. This means that more and more people become aware of the big potential that this field has for the purpose of making money – and so they are making investments in it. One of the latest entries in the field of the platforms that offer eSports services is the website at

So, as you see right at the outset, the people behind this venture have bought off the most sought-after web location in, when it comes to eSports. This will give you a great insight as to how serious they are – hint: they are pretty serious. They are willing to change the face of the online eSports field forever by offering new and exciting products and features for the gamers from all around the world. Their official goal is to lift the coverage of eSports and bring it up to par with some of the most popular sports.

Few of the services that this website will offer to players will come in the form of coaching services from professionals in the field of eSports gaming, the website will create charity tournaments that will feature some beloved celebrities – and the unique part of this website comes from the fact that it will also offer a crypto-based virtual currency. This crypto-based virtual currency is to be called ERT, which is short for eSports Reward Tokens.

Now, the eSports Reward Tokens will be the primary (and only) currency that you will be able to use for various commercial purposes on the website. The website will specialize in offering the services in the following fields: offering education for people that wish to learn how to play some of the most popular eSports games, providing statistics for the players, and finally, providing entertainment for most anyone that wishes to enjoy anything related to the field of eSports.

This means that you will be able to use the ERTs for different purposes and that you will also be able to get paid with them for the products and services that you will offer on the website. For one, if you’re a very skilled professional in the field of gaming, then you may want to offer some of the secrets of your knowledge in gaming to the public on this website. Don’t worry – this won’t come for free, as for each purchase of your product you will get an appropriate amount of ERTs, which you can then exchange for “real” money. Moreover – you don’t need to be an expert player of any kind in order to get some money for your services. If you know how to play games and be entertaining to people with it – then you will be able to get ERTs for it as well. After all, is also a streaming platform that you can use for streaming yourself while you play some of your favorite games. So, this means that you will be able to turn your biggest passion in life – gaming – to a solid money-making, highly-profitable activity with the help of

Now, one thing that we’ve neglected to mention by now is the fact that this website will not only offer gaming services in the sense of organizing tournaments and giving streaming opportunities to players – but it’s very likely that it will soon be able to organize fully-legit online betting in the field of gaming. You will be able to use the aforementioned ERTs for the purpose of betting on your favorite players in your favorite games, and in big tournaments – and in this way too you will be able to win (or lose, depending on your luck) real money. This company is registered in the country of Malta, which is known for its liberal approach to the field of online gambling, so the owners of this company are pretty optimistic that they will one day soon get the required license that they need in order to host online betting in the field of eSports. Online betting in the field of eSports has indeed a huge potential to explode and grow big, and you will (hopefully one day soon) be able to enjoy it at The staff at takes its job seriously when it comes to online betting on gaming, and they will ban underage bettors that come to the website willing to gamble online.

There is one other thing that you could do with your virtual currency of ERT – namely, you can visit the merchandise shop and buy a lot of gaming memorabilia from there, including t-shirts and other clothes, hardware, and coaching lessons – besides being able to bet on your favorite team. The so-called ERT economy shows big potential to blow up as you will be able to use this cryptocurrency to pay for a lot of things and to even get rich from it if you’re skilled enough.

One of the worst things about the current state of affairs when it comes to the field of eSports is the fact that most of the funding for the big eSports tournament events is centralized. Well, eSports will offer a decentralized form of funding, meaning that tournament organizers will be able to use the services of this website in order to gather funds for the purpose of organizing huge events. And this means that even the casual player can benefit from this new state of affairs – since most of the biggest events in eSports are already “taken” by a few teams of gaming professionals – it means that now you too can compete in high-class eSports events at

So, we think that definitely brings new stuff to the table and that you should use the opportunity and begin using the website as soon as you can. We think that you will have a great time while doing so.

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