EsportGold has been established with a specific purpose to serve as a betting operator and content aggregator for eSports. With the help of EsportGold platform the fragmented market of eSports is aggregated together, so gaming enthusiasts can read gaming news, find interesting information, watch competitions, take part in fantasy leagues, and so on. In one sentence, EsportGold is a one great entertainment platform for gamers and gaming enthusiasts. Besides all of the mentioned, EsportGold will also offer a betting platform to the users. That means that this platform will expand rapidly in the upcoming years and will get more and more customers interested in betting on video games matches.

You will have the opportunity to bet with EsportGold Tokens on the platform, and the skillful team of this platform is working hard to implement and combine different technologies to provide the ultimate experience for its customers. EsportGold is expected to obtain a gaming license granting the right to provide betting options to the users. After that, all eSports fans will get a very safe, trustworthy and secure betting platform. EsportGold will be supervised by authorized gaming commissions and will deliver the eSports fans with a unique entertainment and betting hub for their gaming needs.

EsportGold is expected to make revenues for over billion dollars in the upcoming years, and the betting market is a lucrative opportunity for making big profits. Considering the fact that eSports are growing and expanding at rapid rate, EsportGold is expected to dominate the betting and entertainment market in the near future. At the moment the growth of betting on eSports is a bit slower than the wider eSports market, but that is because of numerous factors. First of all, the main reason why betting growth is slower is because there is a very limited coverage of eSports events and games. The betting infrastructure in the eSports is limited as well, and the traditional betting operators are putting more focus on regular sports instead of eSports. With the appearance of EsportGold platform all of these issues will be solved, so not only betting on eSports will grow, but EsportGold will be able to get big piece of the market pie.

At the moment, betting on eSports is provided by a few popular betting operators such as Bet365, BetFair or SkyBet. There are also two specific operators that focus only on eSports betting and those are EGB betting and Unikrn. The management behind EsportGold platform believes that there are many interesting areas that can be successfully exploited on the market.

Things that EsportGold are expected to tackle are the following. First, this platform will look to take advantage of the fact that currently there is very limited, if any, coverage on eSports events and games. Very popular games with limited coverage include Hearthstone, StarCraft II, World of Tanks, FIFA, Call of Duty and others. Next, EsportGold will focus on events happening in other countries besides those in Western Europe and in the United States. At the moment, events with smaller prize pools are not covered at all. EsportGold will also provide better customer experience and provide good betting experience. Today there are not many betting operators that integrate gaming content with betting. That lowers down the overall experience of the customer, so EsportGold will look to improve that. With the gaming information and helpful data provided at one place you can easily place a sports bet on the event or game of your choice. Finally, EsportGold will be better from other platforms as it seeks to get full legality on its operations and get all proper licenses before offering anything to its customers.

The appearance of EsportGold is good news for all betting and gaming enthusiasts around the world. With this platform you will get bigger and wider access to different events and games. Their strategy is to provide own odds, events and games without relying on other sources. Good thing is that EsportGold can cover all eSports events, regardless of how small the prize pool is. This will result in bigger choice for the customers and better overall experience. One of the best things is that EsportGold will combine together and aggregate gaming content with betting opportunities. Also, EsportGold will only operate on markets where betting on games is fully legalized.

EsportGold has already done many things ahead of fully operating almost everywhere. Their company website is currently functional, but will soon be replaced with the EsportGold betting platform which is being worked on. Many initial terms have been agreed with their developing partners. Consultations and explorations have been made regarding the jurisdictional possibilities for offering betting on eSports. People of EsportGold have also established many contacts with influential people in the world of eSports. The design process is under way and certain things are still perfected before going public. Another good thing regarding EsportGold is that it will offer two different things to different customers. There will be good information for those seeking for quality gaming content and there will also be many good options for those seeking just to bet on eSports games and events. EsportGold will be your ultimate one stop portal for gaming news and betting, so you can fully enjoy the exciting world of eSports.

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