Many people become aware of the immense potential of the world of eSports. What was once considered a casual hobby – namely gaming – now has the potential to get developed into a full-blown career. Well, as we’ve said, there are many people that begin to recognize this fact and they give their best to use the opportunity that eSports give to them.

One of the best platforms that you can use for the purpose of enjoying eSports is the so-called EloPay. This is one of the latest platform made for this purpose, and it promises to introduce some exciting new features for its potential users. For now, this platform operates on the post-Soviet market, in the countries of Eastern Europe – but depending on how things go in the near future, the EloPay platform has a plan to grow exponentially and cover eSports markets from all over the world.

There are millions of gamers all around the world – and we’re not just talking casual gamers either. These are gamers that take their hobby rather seriously, and they would love to compete in high-level tournaments where there are big prizes that they can win. But the fact of the matter is that one of the down-falls of eSports is that there are only a handful of professional gaming teams in some of the most popular games, and only they are able to compete for the grand prizes in some of the biggest eSports events in the world. And where does this leave the casual (but highly skilled) gamer? He or she won’t be able to enter these competitions and compete for the prizes.

Well, at EloPay there will be decentralized tournaments hosted by anyone willing to organize them. This means that there will be decentralized funding for these tournaments, and in some cases, even the players at the tournament can gather up the funds that they will use as prize pools at the particular tournament. So, if you’re a casual player and you wish to compete in eSports events where there are big prizes – make sure that you use the services of EloPay.

The currency that will be used by the website of EloPay is the so-called EloPay Token. You can use this token at this website in three different ways. The first way is that you will be able to use the token for the purpose of organizing tournaments. As you know, online eSports tournaments are getting increasingly popular and hundreds of thousands of people come in contact with them on a monthly basis. The next way in which you can use the EloPay Token is for the purpose of serving ads on the platform. If you have a certain good or service that you will sell to the gamers at the website, then you can place it in an ad form. Time and time again it has been shown that the people that gravitate towards the eSports scene have stable incomes, and they spend hundreds of millions of dollars on eSports expenses on a yearly basis. This means that you will be able to increase your profits drastically if you’re a business that deals with giving products and services related to the eSports scene. Finally, the third way in which you will be able to use the EloPay Token is for the purpose of selling them on the exchange. This means that you will be able to immediately monetize all of the EloPay Tokens that you’re holding. There is one other thing that you could do with the EloPay token, and it’s to buy virtual goods and game inventory in some of the games.

The company of EloPay boasts some of the following statistics: it’s created 1,5 years ago and it has a player base that exceeds the 90,000 mark. Also, the amount of rewards that have been paid out to winning players on the platform is in excess of $10,000. Finally, there have been no less than 3,500 tournaments organized at EloPay. You can see that these stats are no joke and that this website takes its work seriously.

With the huge potential that the eSports market has for booming, it would be a bad mistake for you to not use this opportunity as soon as you can and enter the market at EloPay. The fact of the matter is that new gaming and betting platforms spring up on a regular basis as there are people that understand that they can make big money by entering the market. But EloPay has indeed some unique features that players from all around the world will like. Even though it only covers the post-Soviet market now, the plans of spreading the operational area of the company are already set into motion, and soon this company will enter the eSports markets all around the world.

The team that the staff of EloPay consists of is made of dedicated professionals with a lot of experience in the field of eSports and tournament organizing. You can see the team members if you just visit the website. Moreover, the staff of EloPay has hired consultation services from Danil Teslenko “Zeus”, a former champion in the game of CS GO. You can see that they value the input of gamers greatly since they consult a hardcore gamer.

So, if you’re a casual player or a serious player – make sure that you come and visit EloPay. This promises to be the go-to platform for any and every serious gamer that would want to compete online in big eSports events. The website has it all – a nice, friendly atmosphere, stable payment options utilizing the so-called EloPay Token, lots of games that you can play with gamers from all around the world, the opportunity to market your products and services, as well as the opportunity to play for money in some of your favorite games while testing your mettle. We can outright guarantee that you will have a fun time while you’re enjoying yourself at EloPay.

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