DreamTeam can be considered as the first ever gaming and eSports recruitment management network. The Esports community is growing along with time and this was a feature lacking in it. However, DreamTeam has been able to fill in the gap in an effective manner.

What exactly is DreamTeam?

As mentioned earlier, DreamTeam is a gaming and eSports recruitment network. At the moment, DreamTeam supports only Counter Strike Go. However, the developers are working hard to provide enhanced support to many other games in the future. As a result, you can expect to receive support for Overwatch, DOTA 2 and League of Legends in the near future.

Any interested person can think about signing up with DreamTeam and look for a gaming team to play with. On the other hand, teams are provided with the ability to use this platform in order to look for the perfect player to be added. It has got a built in search engine as well. Hence, DreamTeam can look for players who have specific capabilities to play with. If you are an individual player, who is looking forward to join a team of if you are a team, who is looking for an individual player, DreamTeam can be considered as the greatest platform available to move forward with.

DreamTeam serves as a platform. This platform allows Counter Strike GO players to get connected with one another. In the meantime, the company is looking forward to offer a team management feature as well. This can unlock a variety of additional features such as scouting, analytics, and coaching and team management.

Along with team management, an earn platform is currently being developed by DreamTeam as well. It would provide an excellent assistance for the advertisers and gamers in order to organize sponsorship, player transfers, salaries, prize money and media rights sales.

All the above mentioned capabilities of DreamTeam are delivered with the blockchain platform. Hence, every single transaction that takes place within DreamTeam would be based on smart contracts.

How does DreamTeam work?

Before signing up with DreamTeam, it is important for the people to have a clear understanding about the functionality behind it. If you are a gamer, you will be able to use DreamTeam in order to figure out a team that matches perfectly well with your specific skill set. In order to that, you will have to define your role and skills on the platform. Then you will be able to move forward and look for a team to interact with.

There is a ranking assigned to the skills that you have from DreamTeam. The ranking would range from 1 and go all the way up to 10. By selecting the appropriate value, you will get the opportunity to look for the best team based on your capabilities.

Likewise, teams are also provided with the ability to search for players based on the skills that they have. To do that, the team will have to define the desired role and rank in the platform. Then the platform would look around and figure out the best fit to join the team. Out of all, DreamTeam has got a convenient method available for the players to look for teams and teams to look players.

Token sale of DreamTeam

The token sale of DreamTeam started on 13th of November. During the token sale, tokens would be available for the players to select. In here, 2,000 DreamTeam tokens would be equivalent to 1 ETH. DreamTeam is accepting both BTC and ETH as the payment. However, the transaction amount should be at least $50.

Second phase of DreamTeam token sale is expected to begin on the month of January, 2018. The pricing of DreamTeam would be kept constant at 1ETH for 2,000 DreamTeam tokens. From the token sale, 75% of available DreamTeam tokens would be sold. 10% of all available tokens would be taken for the DreamTeam reserve. On the other hand, partners and advisory board would be provided with 5% of tokens, whereas early investors are provided with 10%.

Final Words

With the current conditions, DreamTeam seem to have a promising future ahead of it. The primary objective of this platform is to become an all-encompassing gaming platform. It would offer a variety of gaming related services for the people in need. For example, DreamTeam can be used for team finding, player finding, funding management services and team management. At the moment, you cannot find a single eSports community, which the teams can use in order to gain access to professional management services. DreamTeam would fill in that gap in an effective manner.

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