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Swedish esports organisation Ninjas in Pyjamas (NiP) has actually partnered with high-performance, high-security blockchain Zilliqa, to create state-of-the-art tokenised and incentivised digital and virtual experiences for crypto and esports lovers.

According to a release, the five-year offer will deliver curated experiences to provide users “genuine and tangible utility, and value-driven interactions in the digital realm.”

As part of this partnership, fans and players can anticipate to see Zilliqa branding on NiP Rainbow 6 Siege (R6S) and Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CS: GO) jerseys. In addition, they will exist for the first time at an esports event during the PGL Major 2021 at Stockholm’s Avicii Arena. A considerable percentage of Zilliqa’s sponsorship will be issued in ZIL, its native currency.Hicham Chahine, CEO, Ninjas in Pyjamas , discussed:”Throughout Covid-19, esports organizations had the ability to change to online play and marketing initiatives reasonably quickly compared to traditional sports. However with the world finding its rhythm in a’ brand-new regular,’ we needed to think about: how could individuals remain engaged? Could they use their time online to make and not just play? With blockchain-based video gaming companies being infused with nearly half a billion dollars in the first half of 2021 alone, crypto appeared to have all the responses. And so, by using blockchain to engineer unprecedented experiences for our fans and gamers, we’re going to unlock the capacity of esports in an entire brand-new way– with Zilliqa as our main blockchain partner.”With their direct exposure to digital asset tokenisation and dedication to letting loose the

true force of the developer economy, Zilliqa was our creative and tech infrastructure partner of choice. Furthermore, we knew we wanted to be conscious about whatever we construct. Given Zilliqa’s commitment to sustainability and ambitions to become carbon neutral by 2022, they were the right fit for us. “Matt Dyer, Head of Growth at Zilliqa, stated:”The physical and digital worlds are merging, and it has actually left nobody behind. Esports

is a great example of this. Over the previous year, enthusiasts looking for new means of engagement understood how esports might be enjoyed as a remote social experience with peers. Crypto took part, including immersive, play-to-earn components to this world. Zilliqa didn’t miss a beat, and has actually been amping up our efforts to change the creator economy. Now that we have the chance to make our mark with video gaming legends Ninjas in Pyjamas, we believe that this partnership will bring brand-new people and more adoption into the cryptoverse. With their group having graciously accepted ZIL-based support as part of this long-lasting collaboration, we are humbled to be dealing with individuals who have faith in the future of Zilliqa.” AYO.NEWS states: Like certain other esports organisations, Ninjas in Pyjamas are proving rather enthusiastic when it concerns blockchain technology. For instance, in June this year, the organisation

put the spotlight on crypto when it partnered with cryptocurrency facilities company Mercuryo. Source: Ayo