People are spending an ever-increasing amount of money on virtual goods. This trend is only likely to continue to grow, so if you wish to get in on it – now is your perfect chance. Today we will share with you an exciting option that you could use in order to buy “real estate” in the virtual world. You don’t think that this is something that you would ever do? You’d be surprised at just how many people are ready and willing to buy virtual land. There are several benefits of doing this.

First, if you can buy a parcel of land on Decentraland, it means that you will have certified ownership of that parcel. The entire platform is powered by the blockchain technology and one of the best things about this technology is the fact that there is full transparency of all of the transactions that are made on it. So, your transaction with which you will buy a parcel of land on Decentraland will be forever etched into the memory of the blockchain system that operates on the platform.

If you care to know just how big of a parcel you will be getting in this way, then the answer is that you will get 10m x 10m or 33ft x 33ft. The good thing about it is that you will still be able to build structures and explore things upwards with unlimited potential.

But what can you do with the virtual land? Well, pretty much the same things that you could do with real land – except now you can be a bit more creative. You can easily build structures that are not so easy to build in the real life. They will be able to dazzle the viewer and this offers a perfect way for you to introduce your high level of skill to the world. Other visitors to your parcel are welcome but you will be the sole owner and proprietor of it. Only you will be able to build things and modify it in any way you deem worthy. You can also change the way people perceive these buildings and structures of yours. You could build restaurants, casinos, clubs – you name it. And the best thing about it is that you will also be able to enjoy yourself in them by eating, gambling, and partying for however long you like. You can even play games and create competitions with other players on the virtual platform – you can win money in this way. Let’s say that you and a friend of yours go and visit a casino in the virtual land that you own. There you can play some card games against each other – or even against the house – this will give you a new way in which you can make some money on the side.

So, the sky is the limit when it comes to your little piece of virtual reality land. There is no limit to what you can do – the sole limitation rests within your imagination. If you wish to hang out with other people in virtual reality, forge new relationships, build new structures, and even make some money – then you should try your luck in Decentraland.

The Decentraland platform is based on the blockchain technology. The owners of the platform have created a new game cryptocurrency for use on the platform. You can purchase the MANA cryptocurrency on the website so as to be able to buy LAND. You can also use the MANA for trading with other people. Dencentraland has managed to incorporate the MANA token and the LAND into a fully-fledged, self-sustaining ecosystem. If you want to use the platform then you’re welcome to invest in the cryptocurrency of MANA.

The blockchain technology is fully secure. This means that you won’t have to worry at all about the security of your MANA payments. What’s more, if at any point you get bored with the platform or if there is another reason altogether – you will be able to trade your MANA tokens for real money and leave the platform altogether. The choice is yours to make – but we think that once you invest in purchasing virtual estate – you won’t be turning back anytime soon. Also, the blockchain technology eliminates the need for a third party to supervise and regulate all of the transactions. With the use of the older methods, there was always a need to pay someone to watch over the transactions. Well, the blockchain technology features the so-called smart contracts. The smart contracts are programs that will execute in the exact same fashion in which they are designed by their creators.

You may think that virtual land should be free. After all – what are the costs of keeping it once it is created? Well, the fact of the matter is that if the virtual land wasn’t free, then there would be a lot of unused lands. This would mean, in turn, that many of the occupied lands won’t get the attention they deserve by the people that come and visit them. So, this is the main reason as to why you will need to pay some MANA tokens in order to purchase virtual land on Decentraland. In the end – you will even be able to sell off your land for a much bigger price than what you have acquired it by. So, this too is a nice method to make some extra money on the side – if you’re skilled enough, then you may turn this into a full-time job and get paid in this way.

So, Decentraland is a platform that offers a unique, exciting possibility for you to take on and buy a parcel of virtual land. You will then be able to do whatever you want with it and with the use of the gaming cryptocurrency of the MANA token you will be able to get a bit richer from your efforts. In any way, you will be having a lot of fun on Decentraland.

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