Crypto Companies Increasing Mainstream Visibility

Numerous concur that the mainstream approval of cryptocurrencies is inescapable. The only problem is that “inevitable” does not imply “quickly” in any dictionary, requiring crypto companies and lovers to try to speed the procedure up. Up until now, one of the fastest shortcuts to better presence in the eye of the mainstream has been sponsoring and partnering with major sports groups and events. While the long-lasting effects of these alliances are still to be felt, it deserves taking a better take a look at a few of the prominent efforts that may differ in execution however plainly have the very same objectives.

FTX: from Stadiums to Keyboards

Cryptocurrency derivatives exchange platform FTX is on the charm offensive at the minute, attempting to cover as lots of bases as possible to widen its outreach and strengthen its brand name with the help of sports. With that in mind, they recognized the importance of treating esports (electronic sports) as the emerging competitor for international spotlights of routine, more traditional sports.

This is why they tattooed a seven-year brand name promotion deal with Riot Games, a US-based computer game developer, publisher, and esports tournament organizer, best referred to as the developer of the worldwide popular title League of Legends. While the specific amount of the offer checked in August 2021 stays unidentified, Riot Games claims that it was the largest sponsorship arrangement it has signed for an esports league so far.

FTX has actually been named the official cryptocurrency exchange of LCS, the League Champion Series (LCS) which is one of the largest esports leagues in The United States and Canada. Previously, FTX has also sought to acquire a grip on the planet of competitive gaming by signing the US$ 210 million handle United States esports organization Team SoloMid (TSM).

The world of enormously popular mainstream sports has likewise drawn FTX, as they are a signing celebration in the first-ever sports collaboration between an expert sports league and a crypto brand. This describes their five-year handle Big league Baseball that consists of having FTX patches on umpire uniforms and using gamer highlights for material development.

As the final PR slam dunk, FTX went totally “physical” with the $135 million deal for calling the Miami Heat’s house court the “FTX Arena” and doing the very same for the California Memorial Stadium on the school of the renowned Berkeley University which will be referred to as the “FTX Field” from now on.

Tezos Goes for High-Speed Promotion

Tezos blockchain network is by no means an unidentified name, even beyond the borders of what is described as the cryptoverse. Yet, its authorities seem to have understood that all the talk about its technological accomplishments and prepare for the international monetary restructuring will not get it the mainstream attention they feel it should have at any time soon.

This is why Tezos made headlines by its entryway into the world of high-speed sports on whose fast wings it intends to fly to a more visible place in the general public memory. Tezos recently signed a multi-year collaboration deal with McLaren Racing for brand name promo across Solution 1, IndyCar, and esports. This implies that Tezos branding will be used by McLaren Solution 1 and Arrow McLaren SP groups, consisting of the race matches of McLaren F1 and AMSP drivers.

Tezos promoted more blockchain publicity with yet another popular sports group, the New york city Mets, with its brand now decorating the scoreboard on the centerfield and around the ballpark.

Moving beyond the world of helmets and spots, Tezos aims to stay on the fast track to getting the attention of sports fans with its technological knowledge too. This is why it became the very first official blockchain partner of the Red Bull Racing Honda Formula One racing group, tasked with releasing the Group’s first-ever variety of digital collectible NFTs on its blockchain. The plan was made in recognition of the resemblance between Formula One and blockchain which both love the current market advancements, according to the declaration by the Red Bull team.

Bridges Made of NFTs

While the partnerships between blockchain companies and esports services are not the things of news today, the Flare Network, a decentralized blockchain platform, opted for the leading gamer in this field with a goal that surpasses the simple marketing mainstreaming. In August 2021, Flare handled to draw the attention of the Worldwide Esports Federation, an umbrella company based in South Korea whose objective is to have electronic sports acknowledged as a legitimate sport.

They consented to utilize blockchain innovation as part of the future joint jobs that will focus on redesigning the gamers’ competitive experience and interaction across the board and achieving a genuinely worldwide protection for the esports world.

Because both the blockchain/cryptocurrency and esports organizations share a similar objective for their markets, i.e. international recognition and equal status with the legacy structures in place, this move may show to be important in creating an alliance that will cause the integration of esports and blockchain to make both industries attain maturity quicker.

The insiders indicate the technology of the non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as the stepping stone on this course considering that the idea of digital items is already reputable throughout the video gaming communities. In exchange for a grain of publicity and presence, the Flare Network can easily offer a platform for NFTs that esports companies and game publishers can develop into profits streams.

With interest in NFT blockchain video games escalating over the previous few years and both neighborhoods being young, tech-savvy, and passionate about partnership, a global collaboration of this type might become a model for developing bridges between gaming and crypto industries.

Scoring an Objective with StormGain

As one of the most internationally popular sports, association football might look like a golden goose for crypto business wanting to piggyback on its popularity and take a piece of it in stride.

StormGain, a popular crypto trading platform, started the ball rolling in taking the world of cryptos to this age-old video game by participating in main collaborations with two hugely popular European football clubs– Italian S.S. Lazio and U.K.’s Newcastle United. In September 2020, the handle Lazio which turned StormGain into an authorities “crypto trading partner” of the club was referred to as a bridge in between emerging innovation and history. Under it, StormGain is to assist Lazio create exclusive offers and perks for its fans and clients and make them easily accessible with the aid of blockchain.

Another European football powerhouse that went crypto, Newcastle United F.C., consented to put StormGain’s logo design on their gamer shirt’s left sleeve, the first crypto brand to receive that treatment in the history of the club. In exchange for this promotional deal, StormGain will supply the Newcastle fans with access to exclusive offers such as the opportunity to attend training sessions and matches.


While the alliance in between crypto companies and sports associations may make them both appear like odd bedfellows, the marriage of benefit between the 2 is perfectly natural in business sense. There has been hardly anything more mainstream than mass sports today and the crypto professionals are best in seeing it as the shortcut to getting some mainstream love and exposure for their technology. To the world of sports, crypto companies bring technical know-how, innovative blockchain features, and a veneer of trendy elegance. As these are transformed into much more visibility for mainstream sports also, this looks like a rare example of a fair-play marketing game in which both teams leave as winners.

Disclaimer: This post is offered educational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be utilized as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other suggestions.