The gaming industry is growing to be very big. In fact, it’s estimated that it generates over $100 billion in revenues each year for the past few consecutive years. So, if you have a passion for playing games or for developing games – then it would be a shame for you to miss out on this phenomenal opportunity to make some money. The fact of the matter is that the mainstream gaming studios have reserved a big portion of the overall income of the industry – and this leaves the non-mainstream game studios and the average players with nothing.

Well, we introduce to you the Crycash platform. This is a decentralized gaming ecosystem in which both gamers and game-developers can reap big profits. The main goal behind the creation of this platform is to enable game developers to reach wider audiences all around the world. The simple idea is that the game developers could add objectives in their games and once the player completes the objectives – they will receive a reward for their efforts. And we’re not just talking about a sticker with the name “ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED” that only has its value in the game. We’re talking about real money that you can then use in the real world.

So, the Crycash platform has introduced a game cryptocurrency for the purpose of enabling the game studios to reward the gamers with real money. The name of this new gaming cryptocurrency is the CRYCASH token. There was an initial coin offering recently and people were able to invest in this cryptocurrency – buying CRYCASH tokens in the process. The token sale is now officially closed and in total there were 7057137.099 CRYCASH tokens sold.

You can use the tokens in different ways – you could buy some products on the platform, for instance. There will also be a system for trading of in-game items and digital goods. If you follow the gaming scene for the last period – then you know that some of the most popular games nowadays have their fair share of tradable digital goods and you also know that there are certain gamers that would stop at nothing until they get some of these digital goods. There are known cases where players have paid several thousands of dollars just so they could get their hands on a digital good in the form of a skin for their weapon of choice. The best thing about it is that the game developers will be able to use this propensity of gamers to spend money on in-game items and they will be able to make some revenues from it. Since many gamers are trying to think of a way in which they can monetize their gaming habit and passion – we think that the CRYCASH token will be of big help to them in this sense. Now, we all know that the E-Sports scene is booming up, as a part of the entire industry of gaming. And it’s an important part, at that. You can see that there are prizes for some of the biggest tournaments for some of the most popular games that range in the millions. But the fact is that these high-stakes tournaments are typically off-limits for the casual gamer. So, the casual gamer has no way in which he or she will be able to use his or her skill in gaming in order to win some money. Well, with the help of the CRYCASH gaming cryptocurrency, people will be able to host tournaments and give rewards to the winners. You heard that right – if you’re a gamer then you will be delighted to know that you could finally use your skill in gaming in order to win some money. We’re not talking about a full income – though if you’re skilled enough, you may even turn gaming into a full-time profession with the help of the CRYCASH coin – but you will still be able to win some nice side-money just by indulging in your passion for gaming.

Since e-Sports are growing in popularity – this makes the field open for betting on them. So, you will be able bet on the e-Sports as well as you’re able to bet on the other, traditional sports. Well, the game cryptocurrency of the CRYCASH token can give you this exact opportunity to bet on some of your favorite teams and players in the field of E-sports. If you think that you know the E-sports scene and if you have a big inkling on who is going to win and who is going to lose a particular game – then you can use your knowledge in order to bet. You will be able to do some betting with the CRYCASH token – and your potential winnings will be in the form of the token. You can then proceed to convert the CRYCASH token winnings in another currency of your choice, if you choose to do so. This is a great opportunity for the people among you that love to bet.

The token is based on the Ethereum cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology. This technology runs on the principle of decentralization – which means that there won’t be any third parties that ensure the finalization of the transactions on the platform. This is, in fact, one of the biggest benefits of the use of the blockchain technology because it means that you won’t have to pay any additional fees to the aforementioned third parties – which is not the case with payment methods that are not based on the blockchain technology. In this way, you will even be able to save some money on the side.

So, regardless if you’re a casual gamer that just wishes to earn cryptocurrency while playing your favorite games and completing objectives – or if you’re a game-developer that wishes more and more people to play your game – we think that it will be well worth your while to invest in the Crycash platform. We think that you will be able to get a lot of value by investing in it.

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