Unikoingold giveaway

First 10 people to reach 200 coins will get free UnikoinGold

1st - 10 coins

2nd - 5 coins

3rd - 3 coins

4-10 - 1 coin

Register and Share Us on Social Media and get a Bitcoin Commemorative Collectible Coin

Everytime you share us on social media you earn Esportcoins. These coins can be used to purchase a Bitcoin Commemorative Collectible Coin that only costs 110 coins. This means that after you register (100 points) you only have to earn 10 more coins and the coin is yours.

First person to receive the Elite Rank wins a Dragon Lore AWP

How do I compete?

  1. Create an account
  2. Take part of all the features of the site

What gives me Esportcoins?

  • Uploading an avatar, cover photo, adding friends, sending messages and being active on the site
  • Commenting and posting on groups
  • Sending gifts and adding to favorites
  • Referring friends to the site
  • Clicking on links
  • Sharing on Social media

The first person to reach the rank Elite and 50.000 coins wins!


You can also use these coins to trade cryptocurrency for gamers, click here to trade


(We reserve the right to terminate accounts that are found to be cheating)
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