Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a Pokemon-inspired cryptocurrency focused game. It managed to grow quite a lot recently and now it’s the number one nonfungible token game on the Ethereum Blockchain. It usually has around 7000 active monthly users, which makes it very successful. The game itself is very interesting, but it will also end up making you very interested in things like investing.

How do you play?

You need 3 axies to get started, creatures that you can collect and then use in PVP or PVE, depending on how you play. These can be acquired with ETH, and the cheapest one is around $20 worth of ETH. That being said, you do need 3, so this can be quite the investment. One thing to note is that you do want to buy a powerful axie, because they do have different attributes. That’s what makes the game interesting, it requires you to basically deposit some money and as you play and get better axies, you can sell them for quite a lot of money.

You can find 6 classes, and every axie has 6 body parts that can belong to one of the classes. The body part combination is what gives the axie stats. Pure breed axies are preferred because their stats and abilities tend to stack, so that’s definitely something you may want right away.

Battles are very engaging, you need to attack at the right time and with the right abilities. Every turn will spend energy points. Cards tend to have both offensive and defensive scores. There are also different parameters like last stands, buffs and combos.

Is the game pay to win?

The more you invest to buy an expensive axie with great stats, the higher the chances you get to win here. The game does have play to earn, pay to win (invest to win) elements, so while you can play and grind, you still need to spend money here. Basically, your investment is a ticket to a world where you can actually use your time and skill in order to win. Yet you have to pay to get there, which can be a bit of a challenge for players.

The game also has a dedicated marketplace, where you can access all kinds of different axies, land pieces for sale and items. As you will notice, some of the marketplace items can be overly expensive, with some axies costing thousands. This really goes to show the uniqueness of Axie Infinity and how this an become a great investing game. You end up growing these axies and their skills, then you can sell them for a profit if you want.

Should you play Axie Infinity?

Absolutely, although you have to keep in mind that the game does require some initial investment. It takes a little bit of time to check it out for yourself and test out your investment capabilities and gameplay prowess. The game does require some grinding, but you do have the potential to breed great axies and then sell them for a profit. So not only is this a great game to play and have fun with, but it can be profitable too!